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Releasedate: 14/10/2022

Wiry subterranean clunks announce Angles Morts, the second part of our ongoing Crux singles series by Sankt. Bending and twitching, these throbs manifest as shapeshifting jungle contortions, sometimes cheeky, but mostly straightforward. Demented choral phrases underline the wobble and bluster, before a desolate pad motif is woven into its fabric, giving the push and pull a more sullen tone.

On the single’s more explorative B-side Thousand Yard Stare, ambient roil and spalls of turmoil take turns. Here, scuttling and filtered drums dance around frosty dub-techno atmospherics, only to erratically and like a force of nature break into bursts of breakbeat recoil. Towards the end, both sides collapse into each other, and as their hissing seams fall apart, only ambience remains.

1. Angles Morts 05:04
2. Thousand Yard Stare 6:31

Produced by Sankt
Mastered by Alberto Bertelli at Parallels
Artwork by Ferenc Petöcz