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Releasedate: 24/03/2023

The third entry into our Crux singles series comes from Circular Square, currently one of Brussel's secret gems, but clearly on the verge of blowing up. Circular Square's seemingly natural skill at crafting exciting interzones of bass-heavy club acrobatics and melodic realms, prime his productions both for adventurous dancefloors and deeper home immersion.

As the central piece, 3​-​HT​-​(​xon) finds an equilibrium between its surgical drum stitches, swaths of glassy chimes and rapturous flutes. That balance tips a bit as lush, almost pastoral elements come to the fore half-way through, before the drums regain their ground.

Swiveling hi-hats surround a mighty, prowling bass on GBS_02x, an expertly crafted minimalist and stealthy pouncer, that successfully wrings every last drop of momentum out of its carefully selected components. As an addition, Leese’s snakey flip reconstructs its stagger into a rolling parade of tribal percussion, intermittent vocal stabs and cavernous drop-outs, mastering the fine art of remixing that is true to the original, while still bearing the unmistakable handwriting of the remixer.

1. 3-HT-(xon) 06:32
2. GBS_02x 05:20
3. GBS_02x (Leese Remix) 03:30

Produced by Circular Square
Mastered by Alberto Bertelli
Artwork by Ferenc Petöcz