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Releasedate: 22/09/2023

A self-described native in the nether realm of “broken beats and emo pads”, Swiss fellow Fels delivers the fourth entry into our Crux singles series, here with two excursions into more minimalist, but equally detailed bassweight tension.

A garbled cluster of voices, jostling hi-hats and finally, a booming bass drum unfurl on the eponymous Odd Arches, a razor-sharp half-step work-out with a mean streak. Continuously ramping up, yet never resorting to cheap theatrics, the focus remains on its forward-creeping atmosphere and low-frequency pressure.

The flipside, Bending, ups the ante with twitching percussion, a salvo of breakbeats and laser lashes on top. The frenzy is grounded by a similar attention to drum dynamics and subterranean heaviness, but as it spins out the track knows when to take the bass off its hinges.

1. Odd Arches 05:27
2. Bending 04:32

Produced by Circular Square
Mastered by Alberto Bertelli
Artwork by Ferenc Petöcz